Welcome To One Person's Job Search

Being unemployed, or under-employed, is not something one ever wishes to face alone. It is one of life's major challenges. There are lot of resources available, but it can be difficult and exasperating to weed though the useless leads, scams and misleading job descriptions. I created this site as a way to organize and chronicle my own job search, so that I do not retread the same ground. I also wanted to make it available to anyone else seeking employment so that my experience might be of assistance to others. Finally, I hope this site can become an anchor for a community of job-seekers; all sharing their experiences and leads - one hand washing the other. Perhaps, if one person can find employment because of the resources contained here, this life-challenge may be worth it, and a burden shared is a burden halved.

I'd appreciate it if you join this site. It's free, and as a member you can post in the forum (when I can get it back up and running) and help to make this a great site for networking and ultimately, finding a job!

Don't forget to tell your friends! If they aren't currently looking for employment, they probably know someone that is.

If you are an Employer who would like to be linked to our site, please contact me for a one time fee. You will only pay this fee once and will be linked to this site until you tell me to remove you.


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